Film and Paper Slitting and Rewinding

As part of our continued effort towards providing both our customers and suppliers with a total packaging solution, we have our own on-site slitting, rewinding and salvage operation.

We are able to work with all current materials, from 5 to 1500 microns.

Why use us for Film Slitting and Rewinding?

  • Our Slitting and Rewinding service is utilised by many major packaging manufacturers in the UK.
  • Express Turnaround around service
  • Extreme precision in ensuring correct widths
  • National collection and delivery service
  • Highly competitive prices

Our slitting and rewinding machines incorporate:

  • Fully automatic unwind and rewind tension controls
  • Photo-electric guiding for printed material
  • Edge guiding for unprinted material
  • Rotary or razor cutting
  • Calibrated metre counters
  • Pressure controlled lay-on rollers and rewinding arms for individual slit reel control.

  • film slitting and rewinding service

    Fix Incorrect Widths and Badly Wound Reels

  • film slitting and rewinding service

    Replace Crushed or Incorrect Core Sizes

  • film slitting and rewinding service

    Fix Incorrectly Wound Reels

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Film Slitting and Rewinding Applications

Our slitting and rewinding service can be applied to all current materials; from 5 to 1500 microns including:

  • Pa/Pe
  • Apet
  • PVC
  • Polyester / polypropylene laminates
  • Paper / foil
  • Printed film
  • Nylon / Polythene
  • Woven and Non-Woven
  • Label Stock

Maximum slit width = 1850mm
Minimum slit width = 13mm
Maximum unwind diameter = 1100mm
Maximum rewind diameter = 800mm

Film Salvage Service

Our salvage service means we can also help you with damaged or redundant stock, offering a solution to the following issues:

  • Incorrect widths
  • Crushed cores
  • Wound incorrectly
  • Incorrect core size

Using our salvage service can save you money, time and can ensure you achieve maximum yield from all your materials, whether they are damaged, the wrong width for your requirements or are on an incorrect core size.