Looking for Rolls or Bags for your Aldi Ambiano Vacuum Food Sealer?

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aldi ambiano vacuum sealer rolls

If you like the Aldi Ambiano Vacuum Food Sealer… You’ll love these!

Your new Aldi Ambiano Vacuum Food Sealer is really good value and performs just as well as more expensive alternatives….. However – just 5 bags is not going to last very long is it?

Now that you have realised that you can vacuum seal your food without crushing it, saving space in your fridge and freezer, keeping food fresher for longer and use the sealed food in your temperature controlled or sous vide cooking – you are going to need a regular and reliable supply of embossed sealer bags and rolls!

You have saved money at Aldi – now save money with us – our vacuum sealer rolls are 35% cheaper!

Order Online – Next Day Delivery

Aldi’s 5 roll pack (product ref: 010628252111100) is listed on their website with a retail price of £9.99, which equates to £2.22 per square metre (m2).

Our vacuum sealer rolls are priced at £1.44 per square metre (m2), giving you a saving of 35%. We supply rolls in packs of two or packs of ten which have a bulk buy discount.
In addition, we supply four rolls widths and, our rolls are twice as long as the Aldi version – 6 metres long; giving you greater flexibility and convenience.

– 200mm Wide x 6 metre long rolls
– 250mm Wide x 6 metre long rolls
– 280mm Wide x 6 metre long rolls
– 300mm Wide x 6 metre long rolls 

Other reasons for choosing The Vacuum Pouch Company as your pouch and roll supplier:

  • Next working day delivery
  • Guaranteed to work with the Aldi Ambiano Vacuum Sealer
  • We stock of over 4 million bags waiting for your order
  • FREE delivery on UK orders over £100
  • All products manufactured to the highest (AA) standards of BRC-IOP accreditation – giving you reliability
  • Guaranteed BPA free – environmentally friendly
  • Experience – we’ve been supplying vacuum sealer products for over 20 years.
Product features:
  • Unique criss-cross textured pattern to one side ensures your appliance keeps working smoothly whilst minimising jams.
  • Robust heavy micron polyamide (PA) stops oxygen penetration and allows excellent sealing abilities.
  • The polythene (PE) interior adds a hygienic seal for your food promoting safety and freshness.

Our vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer rolls are food-grade – freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. Using vacuum sealer rolls can dramatically lengthen the life of your food, by keeping food fresher for longer whether stored in the fridge or freezer, our bags also prevent freezer burn which can adversely affect the quality of frozen food.

The modern kitchen requires modern appliances – domestic chefs are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved at home. They demand performance, reliability and quality. Sealing in freshness, saving space in your freezer and allowing temperature controlled cooking – we at The Vacuum Pouch Company have tested our bags for use with:

  • Raw meat and fish / Cooked meat and fish / Fish and seafood
  • Cheese and dairy products
  • Soups, gravies and sauces
  • Powders and granules
  • Snacks and confectionery
  • Pet foods
  • Fishing baits
  • Microwaveable foods
  • Sous vide cooking.

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