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price-promiseYes, guaranteed! If you’re offered a lower price for vacuum pouches or boilable or sous vide bags of equal spec and quality, we’ll beat it.

It really is that simple.

Nobody beats the Vacuum Pouch Company for price – or quality!

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Prices shown are accurate when published 1st June 2016. All competitor prices are taken from the respective websites and do not include delivery charges.

Our 65mu Vacuum Pouches are at least 21% cheaper than our nearest competitor.

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160 x 250mm
£14.40 save 21%£18.40£17.44£24.02
200 x 200mm£14.40 save 21%£18.40£17.44£24.02
200 x 250mm£18.00 save 21%£23.00£21.80£30.03
200 x 300mm£21.60 save 21%£26.16£36.03
250 x 300mm£27.00 save 21%£32.70£45.05
250 x 350mm£31.50 save 21%£40.25£38.14£52.55
300 x 350mm£37.80 save 21%£48.30£45.77£63.07
300 x 400mm£43.20 save 21%£55.20£52.31£72.06
350 x 450mm£56.70 save 24.5%£70.64£94.60
400 x 400mm£57.60 save 21%£71.77£69.70£96.10
400 x 500mm£72.00 save 21%£92.00£87.20£120.12
400 x 600mm£86.40 save 21%£107.65£104.64£144.12
530 x 650mm£124.02 save 66%£206.88