Eco Pouch - Compostable Vacuum Pouch

Introducing Eco Pouch

Our Compostable, Biodegradable and Ocean-Friendly Vacuum Pouch

18 months In The Making! After months of extensive trials, we have developed Eco Pouch – a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based vacuum packaging

We experimented with a vast number of raw materials and substrates before the formula for Eco Pouch was found. The final product is a balance between a pouch that has the qualities required of a vacuum pouch (burst pressure, clarity, strength and durability), and a pouch that is friendlier to our environment.

Manufactured on-site in our purpose-built UK factory under AA accredited BRC conditions.

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plastic free logoEco Pouches have been awarded the Plastic Free certification mark
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What can Eco Pouch be used for?

Eco Pouch has a broad range of vacuum packing applications within both the food and non-food industries. The bio-polymer sealing surface is approved for food contact , European Directive EC2002/72, and contains no intentionally added Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in its construction.

Due to the biodegradable properties, it is advised that Eco Pouch is not used for the storage of liquids

Environmentally Friendly Qualities

compostable vacuum pouch


Eco Pouch is a biodegradable packaging that breaks down, under specific composting conditions, back into water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and biomass.

Made from a range of natural products, including paper, eucalyptus fibre, cassava and corn starch; Eco Pouch is ideally suited to the vacuum packing of goods up to 1kg in weight.

Home Composting – takes less than 26 weeks at ambient temperature (<30ºC).

Industrial Composting – takes less than 12 weeks at 60ºC.

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Ocean Friendly

Prevention of packaging materials entering our marine environments should always be a priority. However, should Eco Pouches find their way into the seas or rivers, they offer a more eco-friendly solution to petrochemical based packaging.

Eco Pouch has shown encouraging results when exposed to marine environments; typically reducing to granular levels within 24 weeks of immersion and exposure to microbes, water and oxygen.

Eco Pouch will return back into water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and biomass without eco-toxicity.

Compostable Credentials

Eco Pouch has been independently tested and accredited to prove they breakdown at set composting conditions and are checked for eco-toxicity to ensure that they have no negative impact on the composting environment.

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Manufactured in Great Britain

Eco Pouch is manufactured in our purpose-built pouch making facility in the North West of England. Our business is BRC/IOP accredited to AA standards.