250 x 800 High Barrier Shrink Bags (Qty x1000)

£160.00 £20.00 +VAT

Barrier shrink bags are an excellent means of protecting fresh meats and fish throughout the distribution cycle.

Pasteurizable, transparent, co-extruded shrink bag with high barrier properties (EVOH), Polyethylene sealing layer (PE) and temperature resistant outside layer for overlap sealing, suitable for packaging of fresh and processed meat with subsequent heat treatment.

  • High Barrier 65 Micron
  • Featuring a round bottom seal
  • Can be used vacuum packing or shrink packing
  • Perfect for Large Fish, Whole Beef Fillets and Sirloins, Cheese Logs etc.

Our strong and durable barrier shrink bags enhance the flavour and appearance of the product from processor to retail store level.

Price per 1,000 = £20.00 – save over 85%
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Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 57 × 30 × 48 cm
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