Sous Vide Bags (Boilable Vacuum Pouches)

150x200mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x1000)

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100x150mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x1000)

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200x300mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x1000)

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200x300mm Blue Tint Boilable Vacuum Pouch

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250x350mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x1000)

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150x190mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x1000)

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300x400mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x1000)

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300x300mm 150mu Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x500)

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240x800mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x500)

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300x650mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x500)

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300x800mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x500)

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400x600mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x500)

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300x400mm Blue Tint Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x1000)

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300x450mm Boilable Vacuum Pouch (Qty x1000)

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sous vide bags

Our sous vide bags are perfectly suited to the sous vide cooking process, where high temperatures (up to 120ºC) are required.

Made from 9 layers of high temperature nylon/polythene laminate which provides exceptional barrier properties and prevents the passage of air, inert gasses or water vapour. They guarantee a very reliable seal.

We offer an extensive range of sous vide bags with features including:

  • Ability to high temperature cook if required – up to 120 degrees C (120º Celcius)
  • Can be steamed, boiled or microwaved.
  • “Sous vide” printed into the seal to avoid mix-ups with standard vacuum pouches
  • Our boilable vacuum pouches provide excellent temperature control to ensure perfect cooking and food safety.

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Typical Usage Applications

Our sous vide bags are suitable for cooking a wide range of food types including :

  • Meats and poultry – beef, lamb, pork and chicken
  • Fish and seafood – sous vide works well with delicate fish, ensuring it is not overcooked
  • Vegetables, selected fruits and eggs

Advantages of sous vide bags

  • Taste: The juices are locked in, enhancing the overall flavour
  • Consistency: Meat in particular becomes very tender and succulent
  • Space saving: Sous Vide cooking takes up relatively little space, ideal for smaller kitchens
  • Time saving: Food can be prepared in advance, vacuum sealed and stored for relatively long periods of time, perfect for busy kitchens.
Technical Specifications

Structure – PA/PE/PA/PE

Characteristics – Thermoforming with good oxygen barrier. Thermal treatment at 121ºC/0,5h

CharacteristicUnitTypical Values
Temperature Parameters
Forming TemperatureºCBottom Film 90 - 98ºC
Sealing TemperatureºC160-195ºC
Thermal TreatmentºC Max121ºC/0,5h
Coefficient of Friction Treatment0.40 – 0.60
Coefficient of Friction Untreated0.25 – 0.40
Oxygen Permeability at 23ºC, 75% RHcc/(m2-24h.)~40~38~15
Water Vapour Permeability at 23ºC, 100% RHg/(m2-24h.)<1<1<2
Quality Management SystemsBRC/IOP A Grade Approved

Download Boilable Sous Vide Vacuum Pouch Spec Sheet
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