110x150mm Zip Lock Stand Up Pouches (x600)

£49.74 + VAT

130x200mm Zip Lock Stand Up Pouches (x1000)

£102.02 + VAT

130x230mm Zip Lock Stand Up Pouches (x600)

£65.07 + VAT

160x230mm Zip Lock Stand Up Pouches (x800)

£103.47 + VAT

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Zip Lock Standup Pouches (Doy Packs)

clear zip lock standup pouch doy pack
Often referred to as Doy Packs, our zip lock stand up pouches offer a cost effective alternative to traditional pasteurised and retort packaging methods.

With the ever-increasing competition for supermarket shelf space, this packaging solution provides strong visual impact, which is essential for products aimed at the retail market.

We stock many different sizes of clear zip lock stand up pouches. These packaging solutions are potential replacements for the standard can or jar. We are able to print, laminate and coat with various substrates to ensure that your exact specifications are met.

  • Tear Notches

    Enables easy opening of packaging without using scissors

  • Zip Lock

    Provides a cost effective resealable closing mechanism

Typical Usage Applications

Our clear standup pouches are perfect for the storage of liquid/solid food and non-food items, such as:

  • Food based liquids such as Soups, Gravies and Sauces
  • Powders and Granules such as coffee, tea, sugar and salts
  • Chemical Products such as motoring fluid and cleaning products
  • Snacks such as crisps, popcorn, nuts and confectionery
  • Cosmetics
  • Human Foodstuffs
  • Pet Foods
  • Fishing Baits
  • Microwaveable Foods.
Technical Specification

Structure – Laminated film (PET / PE) is a produced from polyester film and special polyethylene film.

Characteristics – This glossy film has been developed for HFFS and VFFS machines. PE film has a special composition, which makes for an excellent seal which is extremely strong whilst maintaining great transparency and clarity.

Our clear, zip lock and coloured stand up pouches are suitable for HPP (High Pressure Processing).

PropertiesUnitTypical Values
Unit Weightg/m2129.6
Heat Sealing TemperatureºC150 – 170
O2 permeability cm3/m2. 24 h. bar (23ºC – 75% RH)cc/m2 – 24 h-~90

Download Our Zip Lock Stand Up Pouches Specification Sheet