65 Micron Blue Tint Vacuum Pouches

65 micron blue tint vacuum pouches
We manufacture and sell a comprehensive range of 65 micron blue tint vacuum pouches that are made from food grade PA/PE coextruded multilayer flexible film.
Typical Usage Applications

Our 65 micron blue tint vacuum pouches have a better oxygen barrier and provide higher puncture resistance than our 50 micron vacuum pouches. 65 micron pouches are seen as a vac packing industry standard as they provide a good balance of durability and flexibility.

65 micron vacuum pouches are perfect for the storage of uncooked soft meats and cheeses, including:

  • The majority of non bone-in products
  • The majority of food and non-food vacuum packing applications
  • Raw Poultry and White Meats – such as, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose and Fish
  • Raw Red Meat – such as, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Veal, and Venison
  • Soft, Medium and Hard Cheeses
  • Cured Meats
  • Smoked and Unsmoked Fish
  • Nuts, Cereals and Crisps
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Condiments, Herbs and Spices.

65 Micron vacuum pouches are one of our biggest sellers and are seen as an industry standard, given the broad range of uses and their flexibilty/durability.

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Technical Information

Structure – PA/PE/PA/PE - coextruded multilayer flexible film.
Characteristics – Easy cutting, non-shrinking film, Good oxygen barrier, Thermal treatment at 95° C/1h

PropertiesUnitTypical Values
Unit Weightg/m265,02
Heat sealing temperatureºC140 - 195ºC
O2 permeability cm3/m2. 24 h. bar (23ºC – 75% RH)cc/m2 – 24 h-~50
Water Vapour Permeability at 23ºC, 100% RHg/(m2-24h.)<2
Quality Management SystemBRCGS Certificated

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  • For use with…

    Please note: Our 65 micron blue tint vacuum pouches are for use with industrial chamber type vac packers such as Turbovac, Henkelman and Multivac.

    They are not for use with domestic vacuum sealers, such as Andrew James, JML, Sous Vide Supreme or FoodSaver etc. If you require vacuum pouches for this type of machine, please visit our Embossed Vacuum Sealer Bags page.

  • The benefits

    Vacuum packing is a method of storing food which can extend its life by up to five times.
    The packaging creates an airless environment to prevent food from spoiling.

    • Increased shelf-life of food products
    • Improved retail shelf appeal
    • Prevention of product degradation and protection from oxidation
    • Protection against contact and contamination
    • Prevention of the growth of microorganisms
    • Removal of atmospheric oxygen
    • Limits the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi
    • Prevention of the evaporation of volatile components