Polythene Packaging Bags

Our low-cost polythene packaging bags are 100% recyclable and are manufactured to food grade standards.

food safe polythene packaging bagsrecyclable polythene packaging bagsOften referred to as polybags, they are a cost-effective packaging solution made from high-clarity light-weight polythene.

We supply a wide range of clear polythene bags varying in width from 6″ wide (50mm) to 48″ (1220mm). Our polybags are stocked in multiple thicknesses – 120 Gauge / 30 Micron for light duty use, 250 Gauge / 62.5 Micron for medium duty use, and 500 Gauge / 125 Micron for heavy duty use.

  • Light Duty – 120 gauge (30 micron) for protection against dirt, dust and moisture
  • Non-toxic polythene can be used as food packaging as well as a wide range of applications
  • Suitable for use with heat sealing machines
  • Food Grade Approved
  • Made from 100% Recyclable Polythene Material
  • All our polybags are manufactured in the UK to ISO9001:2000 Quality Standards
  • All bags that are 250 gauge or thicker are manufactured end weld (seal at the base of the bag with a 6mm skirt) thinner sizes will be either end weld or side weld (seal at the side of the bag with no skirt). Please note that the length of end weld bags is measured end-to-end, inclusive of the bottom skirt.

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Polythene Packaging Bags

Medium Size Polybags

from 152 – 254mm wide (various thicknesses)

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Large Polybags

from 381 – 610mm wide (various thicknesses)

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Extra Large Polybags

from 762 – 1219mm wide (various thicknesses)

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