250x300mm 80mu Clear Front / Gold Back Vacuum Pouch (x1000)

£63.10 + VAT

Our Gold Back/Clear Front 80 Micron Vacuum Pouches are very popular with food companies as the Gold colouring can be easily identified.

Please note: Our pouches are only for use with chamber type machines i.e. henkelman, multivac, vc999, turbovac etc., not JML or food saver machines, if you are unsure please call us on 0161 797 2222.

Vacuum packing is a method of storing food which can extend its life by up to five times. The packaging creates an airless environment to prevent food from spoiling.

This is achieved by:

  • Preventing the growth of microorganisms
  • Removing atmospheric oxygen
  • Limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi
  • Preventing the evaporation of volatile components

We offer a comprehensive range of over 100 sizes of vacuum pouches, with features including:

  • Tinted Vacuum Pouches – Clear, Blue Tint, Black Tint, Yellow Tint, Green Tint, Purple Tint.
  • Various Thickness Pouches – we stock 50 micron, 65 micron, 70 micron, High Barrier 80 micron and 90 micron.
  • Tubular pouches
  • Our vacuum pouches are cookable up to 90ºC and suitable for ‘Sous Vide’ cooking.
  • High puncture resistance bone guard pouches