We sell the complete range of Turbovac double chamber vacuum packers that are efficient, high capacity and built to last.

Turbovac’s range of double chamber vacuum packers are reliable, durable and offer flexibility in volume production.

The machines can be equipped with semi-automatic or automatic cover movement for an even more efficient production. The double chambers can be equipped with an external pump.

Designed for heavy duty, industrial performance, industrial quality; they are efficient, high capacity and built to last.

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“Best Choice” for butcher shops, restaurants, hotel kitchens, hospitals, caterers and the food processing industry in 3 product ranges.

turbovac double chamber vacuum packers
Turbovac Double Chamber Vacuum Packers Specifications
Stainless Steel Cover and Flat Working Surface

  Seal LengthMax Product HeightUseful Chamber SizeOutside DimensionStandard VoltagePower ConsumptionWeight
Turbovac Double Chamber D10Order Online4 x 620230620 x 520 x 2301440 x 920 x 1205400-3-50 Hz4,4 kW350kg
Turbovac Double Chamber D30Order Online4 x 820250820 x 700 x 2501810 x 1100 x 1230400-3-50 Hz6,2 – 9,7 kW600kg
Turbovac Double Chamber D60Order Online4 x 600180610 x 510 x 1801345 x 720 x 1040400-3-50 Hz4,4 kW240kg
Dimensions in mm. * Machines can be supplied with all world wide voltages applicable