The Turbovac mobile chamber vacuum packers are compact, smart and have all the quality engineering and build of their industrial vacuum machines.

The Turbovac range of mobile vacuum packers are thet best choice for butchers shops, restaurants, hotel kitchens, hospitals, catered and the food processing industry.

Turbovac vacuum packers are produced in Holland and combines 50 years of experience with craftmanship and new advanced technologies to ensure you that all Turbovac vacuum packer machines are innovative with a high quality standard.

With continuous development of unique innovative features in combination with advanced technolgies, we guarantee that Turbovac vacuum packers will provide you with an optimal packaging result for food and non-food products according to the latest requirements of the market.

The Turbovac mission is to provide you with a top quality vacuum packer at a very attractive price. To achieve this they have a production facility which benefits from a well balanced mix between modular construction desing and efficient mass production. The Turbovac range of vacuum packers are designed for high reliability and low cost maintenance.

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‘Best choice’ for butcher shops, restaurants, hotel kitchens, hospitals, caterers and the food processing industry.

Turbovac Mobile Vacuum Packer Specifications
Transparent Cover & Stainless Steel Chamber

  Seal Length – LSeal Length – S&SSeal Length – L&SMax Product HeightUseful Chamber SizeOutside DimensionStandard VoltagePower ConsumptionWeight
Turbovac Mobile M20Order Online2 x 520220500 x 520 x 220730 x 790 x 1020400-3-50 Hz3,3 kW180kg
Turbovac Mobile M40Order Online6202 x 520200620 x 505 x 200720 x 770 x 1170400-3-50 Hz3,3 kW180kg
Turbovac Mobile M50Order Online8202 x 620780 x 520820 x 605 x 200920 x 980 x 1170400-3-50 Hz3,5 kW240kg
Turbovac Mobile M60Order Online10202 x 620980 x5202001020 x 605 x 2001120 x 905 x 1160400-3-50 Hz3,5 kW280kg
Turbovac Mobile M70Order Online500175500 x 500 x 175695 x 680 x 1035400-3-50 Hz3,3 kW150kg
Turbovac Mobile M80Order Online2 x 8002 x 550800 x 500215max 800 x 500 x 215905 x 755 x 1060400-3-50 Hz3,5 kW200kg
Dimensions in mm. * Machines can be supplied with all world wide voltages applicable